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POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Please put your contact details here if you have a position available.

Deadline: Apply as soon as possible. The research group AlGCo (Algorithms Graphs and Combinatorics) in Montpellier has a PhD position available for the (flexible) Period 01/10/2018–30/09/2021 for research on graph algorithms and graph mining problems. Keywords of the related research domains are: structural graph theory, graph algorithms, parameterized algorithms, approximation algorithms, community detection, clustering, graph similarity, graph modification problems.

AlGCo is one of the leading research teams in France in Parameterized Computation and has an increasing interest to graph algorithms, kernelization, graph coloring, and structural graph theory.

The candidate should hold a MSc degree and should have a solid background in algorithms, complexity, and graph theory and strong motivation to work on related areas, including parameterized computation and approximation algorithms. Moreover, English language skills and knowledge/experience on programming in Python, C, and C++, will be appreciated.

Send application in English to rf.mmril|luap#rf.mmril|luap <> or ofni.sokiliht|klihtdes#ofni.sokiliht|klihtdes <> Include: Cover Letter, detailing your motivation and background for applying for the PhD project, CV, Proof of diplomas and transcripts of records (BSc and MSc, Other information for consideration, e.g. list of publications (if any), Full contact details (Name, address, telephone & email) of 1-3 referees.

Deadline: 27 June 2018. Three-year postdoc position in Algorithms. Department of Computer Science, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Contact Prof. Stefan Kratsch Prof. Stefan Kratsch
kratsch <at>

Deadline: apply as soon as possible (only applications submitted before 14th of May are guaranteed to receive full consideration): A PhD position in Fine-grained (Parameterized) Complexity of Hard Problems, supervised by Jesper Nederlof (
Our main goal is to improve the understanding of the exact complexity of basic (NP-)hard problems such as the Travelling Salesman, Set Cover or Subset Sum problem. In particular, the project aims to study for which classes of instances various elementary algorithms can be improved. A particular emphasis of the project herein is to rigorously investigate the power of standard decomposition methods such as Branching, Dynamic Programming, and Meet-in-the-Middle via parameters of appropriate matrices.

The project will be partially funded by NWO. While the project will mainly touch the fields of Parameterized Complexity and Fine-Grained Complexity, the project is also likely to touch other subfields of Theoretical Computer Science including Communication Complexity and Approximation Algorithms; but the direction may vary depending on the candidate's preferences. Send your CV to ln.eut|folreden.j#ln.eut|folreden.j if you're interested.

Deadline: not fixed, as soon as possible. A PhD position is available in the research group of Dr. Matthias Mnich, Bonn University, Germany. (
The position is full-time. The successful candidate will perform research as part of the DFG funded project "Multivariate Algorithms in Scheduling". Candidates must hold (or be close to completion) of a master's degree (or equivalent) in computer science, mathematics or a related area. They should have a very good knowledge about algorithms and complexity.

Deadline: 14 May 2018. PhD Position in Parameterized Complexity at TU Wien, Austria.
The position is part of the Austrian research project "New Frontiers for Parameterized Complexity" within the Algorithms and Complexity Group ( at the Vienna University of Technology. The project investigates the parameterized complexity of problems not only in the traditional graph setting, but also in areas such as Machine Learning, Integer Linear Programming and Artificial Intelligence. The candidate will be supervised by Robert Ganian (Project PI).

Applicants are expected to have excellent mathematical skills as well as interest and background in discrete algorithms.

The position should start in the second half of 2018 and is for up to three years (the expected duration of the PhD program). The salary is according to the FWF standard contracts for PhD candidates (approx. EUR 38,000.00 gross, p.a.), which allows for a convenient life in Vienna close to the city centre.

The application should include the candidate's CV, an abstract of the diploma/masters thesis, a short motivation letter, and two letters of recommendation (all five items in a single pdf file). The application should also mention possible starting dates and should be sent to rganian [at] by 14 May 2018.

Enquiries and questions about the position are welcome and may also be sent to rganian [at]

Deadline: 2 April, 2018.The Optimisation and Logistics group, School of Computer Science, Univ of Adelaide, Australia. Postdoctoral researcher. "Unlocking Complex Resources through Lean Processing”. <>

This is a fixed term research associate position (level A) for 4 years. Salary is 85,307 – 91,425 AUD per annum (plus superannuation).

The group collaborates with several of the major research institutions in Europe and the U.S. and has high international visibility. For more information, please visit <>

Further information and application: <>

Deadline: The French national synchronized session for applying to Lecturer positions is from February the 22nd to March the 30th, 2018. Aix-Marseille University: full-time tenured position in Theoretical Computer Science at the Lecturer/Assist. Prof. level. In practice a necessary condition for applying is to be fluent in French. The Lecturer will join one of the nine research groups of the "Computation axis" of the LIS (, with a priority towards the Natural Computation research group (

Deadline: March 1, 2018. A 2-year postdoctoral position in Algorithms is available in the
research group of Prof. Stefan Kratsch at the Department of Computer Science at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
. Write to: kratsch <at>

Deadline 23 February 2018. Lecturer / Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor position at UNSW Sydney in Algorithms
UNSW Sydney invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position in Algorithms.
This is a convertible tenure-track employment contract in the School of Computer Science and Engineering with an initial fixed-term period of 5 years, convertible to continuing appointment based on satisfactory performance and there being sufficient productive work available.
The remuneration is AUD 103K-164K per annum, depending on the level of appointment, plus 17% superannuation (retirement fund) and leave loading.
Female applicants are strongly encouraged.

Closing date: 23 February 2018 (midnight, Sydney time)

UNSW Algorithms group: link
Further details: here

Deadline 14 January 2018. Funded PhD positions starting in October 2018 are available in the Algorithms and Complexity Group (ACiD) of the Department of Computer Science at Durham University. ACiD is a broad-based theoretical computer science research group working in computational complexity, proof complexity, descriptive complexity, graph theory, exact algorithms, randomised algorithms, approximation algorithms, parameterized algorithms, finite model theory, constraint satisfaction, interconnection networks, universal algebra and mathematical logic, see for further details.
Contact:||ytixelpmoc.smhtirogla or contact a member of ACiD directly. For a list of ACiD members see, and for a list of examples of possible PhD projects see

Deadline Dec 1, 2017. For Tenure-track Position in Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Concordia Univ, Canada. See Particular interest in candidates whose research is in theoretical models, algorithms and analysis of algorithms. The appointment is intended to be at the rank of Assistant Professor but exceptional candidates at the Associate level may also be considered. Contact: Dr. Sudhir Mudur, Chair ac.aidrocnoc|rudum.rihdus#ac.aidrocnoc|rudum.rihdus

Deadline ongoing but applications received by Nov15, 2017 will receive full
consideration. Postdoc positions, Institute for Computer Science and Control (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Budapest, Hungary, supported by the European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant SYSTEMATICGRAPH: Systematic mapping of the complexity landscape of hard algorithmic graph problems" held by Dániel Marx. The positions are for
one year, with the possibility of renewal.
Send CV and a research statement to Dániel Marx ( dmarx at cs dot bme dot hu ) and arrange two letters of recommendation to be send to this address. Questions and informal
inquiries are welcome.

Deadline Nov 30, 2017. For female applicants wishing to pursue a master degree in Computer Sciences at TU Wien: apply for the Helmut Veith Stipend. The recipients receive EUR 6000 annually for the duration of up to two years, and waiver of all tuition fees for the study at TU Wien. The stipend is named to honour the memory of Helmut Veith (1971–2016), specifically his international influential research, and his visionary mentorship of building bridges between the computer science and the society. The Helmut Veith Stipend continues the late scholar´s support of female scientist in the field of computer science, and his backing of the revival era in the Austrian logic scene. For more information please follow the link -

Announced September 2017. University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia. Serge Gaspers reports that UNSW will hire a junior academic (level B/C - lecturer/senior lecturer) in algorithms. This will be a convertible tenure track position (similar to US tenure track, but with a continuing contract after 3-5 years instead of tenure). Contact Serge for more information.

Announced September 2017. University of Sydney, Australia, full-time position. Joachim Gudmundsson reports that USYD hired Peter Robinson <> (distributed algorithms) and they are still hiring a second person. Contact Joachim for more information.

PhD stipend in the "Algorithms for text processing with errors and uncertainties" project at Univ. Warsaw, Poland. Duration is 21 months, starting Oct 2, 2017. The deadline for applications is Aug 25, 2017. The goal of the project is the design of pattern matching algorithms when errors and uncertainties occur in the data. The expected developments of the project are in the scope of computer science while the motivation stems mainly from computational biology. In pattern matching with errors we are to report approximate matches with bounded edit or Hamming distance. Uncertain texts are texts with don’t care symbols, indeterminate symbols, or positions that specify a probability distribution over the alphabet (so-called Position-Weight Matrices). The scope of problems considered in the project includes pattern matching in the off-line, on-line, and streaming setting, text indexing, internal text queries, and computation of similarity measures. Website: Contact Jakub Radoszewski at lp.ude.wumim|darj#lp.ude.wumim|darj

The Department of Computer Science at North Carolina State University invites applications for a Postdoctoral Research Scholar. The researcher will focus on obtaining results in theoretical computer science and graph theory relevant to the initiatives engaged by Dr. Blair D. Sullivan's group
(Theory in Practice), currently funded by the Army Research Office and the Moore Foundation's Data Driven Discovery Initiative. Research areas may include (but are not limited to) parameterized algorithms, approximation schemes, and applied structural graph theory. The scholar will help identify and tackle key challenges in improving the practicality of structural graph approaches and fixed parameter algorithms
for complex network analysis
. For more information, please see Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled. Informal inquiries are welcome via email (ude.uscn|navillus_rialb#ude.uscn|navillus_rialb) - please use a subject of "Postdoc Inquiry."

Opening for a PhD and a postdoc position both for three years within a DFG project 'Structural results and their application in scheduling and packing problems' at Univ Kiel with Prof Klaus Jansen. Please find below the abstract of the project (including topics in parameterized complexity, mathematical programming and approximation algorithms). The main focus of this project is to find structural results for integer linear programs (ILPs). Our goal is to prove the existence of optimal solutions of the respective ILP with a very specific shape. For example, we want to show there are always optimal solutions which have a bounded number of non-zero components or limited weight on certain components. Using the existence of solutions with this shape, one can search specifically for them and therefore solve the ILP more efficiently. In this project, we focus on ILP formulations that arise from concrete algorithmic problems like bin packing. In this proposal we investigate structural properties which are can be used to solve open
algorithmic questions. For example, we hope to find an FPT algorithm for the bin packing problem parameterized by the number d of different item sizes with running time 2^2^O(d) |I|^O(1), where |I| is
the encoding length of instance I. This would improve upon the result by Goemans and Rothvoß who proved polynomiality for bin packing when the number d of different item sizes is constant. Their algorithm
has a running time of |I|^2^O(d). Furthermore, we want to prove structure results for the case when only approximate solutions are needed. With this an algorithm for the bin packing problem can be found which has a running time of 2^d |I|^O(1) and approximation guarantee OPT+1, where OPT is the value of an optimal solution. For the scheduling problem on identical machines, this could imply an algorithm with running time 2^d |I|^O(1) and approximation guarantee (1+epsilon) OPT. One of our greater aims of this project is to prove or disprove the so called modified roundup property (MRP) of the Gilmore-Gomory ILP for the bin packing problem via investigations on the structure. The MRP is a prominent conjecture and states that the objective value of the ILP is at most the objective value of the linear program relaxation rounded up plus 1. In general, structural results can be applied to a wide range of applications and algorithmic problems. We believe that these techniques can become an important part of the algorithmic toolset to develop efficient algorithms.

A teaching and research position (tenure-track Assistant/Associate Professor level) is offered in Computer Science at University Paris Dauphine Research will take place at LAMSADE within the ''Combinatorial Optimization and Algorithmics” research group. The research activities of the group are related to the following research topics: Algorithms with a performance guarantee (exact and parameterized solution of NP-hard problems, approximation, algorithmic games), Mathematical programming and discrete structures (linear and integer
programming, polyhedral approaches, robustness, optimization in graphs. Contacts:
Denis Cornaz (rf.enihpuad.edasmal|zanroc#rf.enihpuad.edasmal|zanroc)
Ridha Mahjoub (rf.enihpuad.edasmal|buojham#rf.enihpuad.edasmal|buojham)
Vangelis Paschos (rf.enihpuad.edasmal|sohcsap#rf.enihpuad.edasmal|sohcsap)
For more information see

Two Scientia PhD positions at UNSW Sydney. We have an opening for up to two UNSW Scientia PhD scholarships within the project Algorithms for Scheduling and Cooperation in Distributed Energy Markets. The project is to design and implement modern algorithms (parameterized algorithms and approximation algorithms) for problems around clean energy technology adoption. The UNSW Scientia PhD scholarships are very generous scholarships covering the tuition fees, a stipend of AUD 40,000 per year, and a research support package of AUD 10,000 per year.

The supervisory team is composed of Serge Gaspers, Iain Macgill, and Aleksandar Ignjatovic, and these positions start in either semester of 2018.
To be considered for a position, please follow the application instructions by 14 July 2017.

Two postdoc positions in the research group of Parameterized Computation and Complexity in the School of Computer Science at Guangzhou Univ. The research group is led by Professor Jianer Chen, working on parameterized algorithms, kernelization algorithms, parameterized complexity, and applications of parameterized computation. The post-doctoral fellows will conduct original research in parameterized computation and related areas. Remuneration package will be highly attractive by international standard, driven by market competitiveness and individual performance. For three consecutive years of 2013-2015, Forbes ranked Guangzhou as the best commercial city in mainland China. Contact Professor Jianer Chen at ude.umat.esc|nehc#ude.umat.esc|nehc, who is also happy to answer all questions.

Closing date: 11:30pm 07 May 2017 (Sydney time). Two lecturer/senior lecturer (assistant professor) positions in algorithms available at the University of Sydney, Australia starting immediately. Full ad: Informal enquiries are welcome. Contact Prof. Joachim Gudmundsson (ua.ude.yendys|nossdnumdug.mihcaoj#ua.ude.yendys|nossdnumdug.mihcaoj).

Opening for one PhD and one postdoc position at Univ Kiel, both for three years within a DFG project 'Structural results and their application in scheduling and packing problems’, including topics in parameterized complexity, mathematical programming and approximation algorithms. For full description and questions, contact Prof. Klaus Jansen at ed.leik-inu.kitamrofni|jk#ed.leik-inu.kitamrofni|jk

Closing date extended until Tuesday 2 May, noon UK time (12:00pm UK time).3-year full-time PostDoc position at Univ Durham, UK. The NEW APPLICATION LINK is here:
The candidates who already successfully applied do NOT need to apply again. Their application is already stored in the system. The salary will be £32000 - £35000 p.a. Candidates with a good knowledge of parameterized complexity and algorithms are encouraged to apply. For inquires about the project and the application process, contact George Mertzios (||soiztrem.egroeg; see also

Loughborough University, UK is on the lookout for a professor working in Theoretical Computer Science. Contact Amitabh Trehan <moc.liamg|naahert.hbatima#moc.liamg|naahert.hbatima>

The University of Birmingham, UK is seeking to recruit 40 Birmingham Fellows across all subjects.
These are prestigious permanent positions. These positions have a significantly reduced teaching load for the first five years: there is almost no teaching in the first year, with a gradually increasing load over the next years. At the end of the five years the fellowship is transferred to a position at the appropriate level (Lecturer/Reader) which is roughly equivalent to an Associate Professorship in the US system.

The Mathematics department is keen to recruit outstanding candidates in Combinatorics/Algorithms/Probability and related fields.

Information about the fellowship call can be found here:

Information about the department and the Birmingham Combinatorics and Probability group (including 3 current Birmingham fellows) can be found here:

The deadline for applications is 31 March 2017.

Informal enquiries about applications are strongly advised at an early stage and can be made to:
Daniela Kuhn (||nhuk.d) and Deryk Osthus (||suhtso.d).

Deadline: We will begin reviewing applications on March 1, 2017.
The Institute of Informatics, University of Warsaw, Poland invites applications for one-year postdoc positions (with possible extensions) . The positions are supported by the ERC Starting Grant CUTACOMBS: “Cuts and decompositions: algorithms and combinatorial properties” led by Marcin Pilipczuk. The review of applicants will begin immediately and continue in an all-year-round manner. The starting date is flexible and the review of candidates will be performed at least once per 3 months to fill vacant positions. The first evaluation will be performed on March 1, 2017, hence we encourage all candidates to submit applications by this date.

To apply, send a CV and a research statement by email to Marcin Pilipczuk (lp.ude.wumim|niclam#lp.ude.wumim|niclam) and arrange two letters of recommendation to be sent to this address. Questions and informal inquiries are welcome. Please use [CUTACOMBS] in the email subject.

Deadline: February 1st 2017.
Johan Kwisthout is hiring a fully funded PhD candidate at the Donders Institute (Nijmegen, Netherlands) to work on the four-year project Parameterized complexity of approximate Bayesian inferences. Please consider applying if you are are fascinated both by the foundations of computation as well as how the brain actually realizes it. See and submit online.

Deadline: January 16th 2017.
The Excellence Laboratory Milyon offers six postdoctoral positions with no teaching load for the period 2017–2019. All the domains in Mathematics and Fundamental Computer Science are eligible.

Deadline: We will begin reviewing applications on Dec. 1, 2016.
The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Wesleyan University invites applications for a tenure track assistant professorship in Computer Science to begin in Fall 2017. We encourage candidates in all areas of Computer Science to apply, including those who deepen our existing research strengths, and especially encourage candidates who can contribute to the diversity (broadly conceived) of the department. As part of your teaching statement or cover letter we invite you to describe your cultural competencies and experiences engaging a diverse student body.

Submit online at Other correspondence
regarding this position may be sent to ude.nayelsew|hcraessc#ude.nayelsew|hcraessc.

Deadline: Contact before January 2017. Postdocs, Master program, visiting positions. One internship of 5 months (February-June 2017) for a Master student in Computer Science is available at IRIT (Toulouse, France), on the topic of opinion diffusion on networks. A background in computational complexity or in logic is required.

6 postdoctoral fellowships and 2 visiting positions are proposed by
Labex CIMI (also in Toulouse) - applications from COMSOC are welcome.
More information is available at the following page:

For inquiries please write to rf.tiri|idnarg.otrebmu#rf.tiri|idnarg.otrebmu

Deadline 5 January 2017 for 3 Postdoc Fellowships at TU Berlin. The International Post-Doc Initiative (IPODI) is part of the gender equality strategy and aims at increasing the number of female researchers in leadership positions. Oopen to outstanding researchers of all
nationalities and from all fields of research. For further information see or contact the IPODI Office (elke.gehweiler[at]

Deadline 31 January 2017 for multiple permanent faculty positions in Algorithms and
Complexity at all levels at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh
. Posts are available as Lecturer (~equivalent to Assistant Professor), Reader (~equivalent to Associate Professor), and Chair (Full Professor). We are eager to attract applicants from a variety of specialisms within algorithms and complexity, including (but not limited to): algorithms for large data sets, algorithmic game theory and the interface of algorithms with economics, complexity theory, algorithmic learning theory, randomized algorithms, approximation algorithms, algorithmic foundations of data privacy, online algorithms, and algorithmic aspects of security and cryptography, and quantum algorithms/complexity.

For the Lecturer/Reader positions:

For the Chair (Full Professor) position:
Contact: Kousha Etessami, Director, Lab for Foundations of Computer Science, Email:||ahsuok

Deadline 1 January 2017 for Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Saarbruecken seeks several postdocs for the Algorithms and Complexity Department directed by Kurt Mehlhorn We are looking for applicants from all areas of algorithmics, including related areas like computer algebra, complexity theory, and discrete optimization. We are also seeking researchers interested in distributed computing and computational geometry. Submit via web form at by uploading a single PDF-file containing

  • a curriculum vitae,
  • a complete list of publications, and
  • a research plan (1 page suffices).

Application deadline is November 30, 2016. Scholarhips for the Master’s Program in Logic and Computation at TU Wien, Vienna, Austria. Among the program’s seven focus areas are the topics Algorithms and Complexity Theory. Details can be found at
Contact: Stefan Szeider, Algorithms and Complexity Group,

Deadline 31 October 2016 for Scientia Fellowships at UNSW, Sydney, Australia.

The University of New South Wales has a new fellowship scheme for research-focused positions at levels A-C (Research Associate, Lecturer, and Senior Lecturer). These come with some research funds, a flexible career pathway, and an initial term of 4 years for external applicants.

See Scientia fellowships (Engineering) and Scientia fellowships (Science) for more details.

DECRA Awards (for 0-5 years post-PhD) and Future Fellowships (5-15 years post-PhD) are other research fellowship schemes, but funded by the Australian Research Council.

Deadline October 15, 2016, and every 3 months year around. This is to announce one-year postdoc positions (with possible extensions)
at the Institute of Informatics, University of Warsaw, Poland. The
positions are supported by the ERC Starting Grant TOTAL: “Technology
transfer between modern algorithmic paradigms” led by Marek Cygan. The
project is focused on two algorithmic paradigms being approximation
algorithms and fixed parameter tractability. Also, in the project we will
study (randomized) local search heuristics. We would like to note that the
algorithmic group in Warsaw is strong and growing.

We are looking for outstanding candidates with a Ph.D. (or soon to obtain a
Ph.D.) in Computer Science or Mathematics who have already proven their
high scientific potential in the area of algorithms through publications in
proceedings of highly ranked international conferences and/or journals.
Strong background in approximation algorithms, fixed parameter tractability
or Markov chains’ mixing time analysis will be an advantage.

The base annual gross salary is 105,000PLN, however this amount may be
increased for exceptionally good candidates. For comparison, this
translates to 2.05 times the average salary in Poland (see also
for a detailed summary the costs of living in Warsaw). The position comes
with a generous travel support and _no_ teaching duties.

The review of applicants will begin immediately and continue in an
all-year-round manner. The starting date is flexible and the review of
candidates will be performed at least once per 3 months to fill vacant
positions. The first evaluation will be performed on October 15, 2016,
hence we encourage all candidates to submit applications by this date.

To apply, send a CV and a research statement by email to Marek Cygan (
lp.ude.wumim|nagyc#lp.ude.wumim|nagyc) and arrange two letters of recommendation to be send to
this address. Questions and informal inquiries are welcome. Please use
[TOTAL] in the email subject.

50 new professorships in Berlin. Berlin is seeking the top minds in the field of digitalization and over
the next few months is putting out the call for 50 new professorships.
This marks the launch of a 38 million euro project for the German
capital, the goal of which is to connect several institutions including
Technische Universität Berlin, Freie Universität Berlin,
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Universität der Künste Berlin and
Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin with eight renowned research
institutes and two universities of applied sciences into the Einstein
Center Digital Future. The first step – an international recruitment
campaign for 18 professorships – is now underway. Additional
professorships for Berlin will be advertised in the coming months.

The professorships are being funded in part through private financing
from donations to the Einstein Foundation and the State of Berlin as
well as joint appointments with long-standing research partners. Please
note that the positions are conditional upon financing from the donors
and partners. It is intended to extend a number of the temporary
professorships past the end of the funding period.

Short descriptions with a link to the full text of the announcements are
located here:

More background information is available at

The soft application deadline is November 10, 2015. Yahoo Research is growing its strategic research teams to enable the company to build new products and platforms that our customers need, now and in the future. We have exciting job openings in several technical focus areas that are located in our New York City office locate done block from the Times Square.

We hire the best scientific minds who like to roll up their sleeves, make new discoveries and contribute to the success of the business. We are looking for Research Scientists with a PhD degree in Computer Science,Electrical Engineering or Mathematical Optimization. Our scientists specialize in designing and building scalable and reliable distributed and parallel systems that serve all the aspects of big data like data mining, optimization, machine learning, computational economics and analytics. We design innovative algorithms to push the capacity, performance and reliability of our platforms,exploit novel hardware and software architectures, and evaluate the impact in Web-scale production settings. We actively contribute to the scientific and open source communities in foundations of Computer Science, Machine Learning,Mathematical Optimization and Computational Economics.

Here are some reasons to explore this opportunity:

1. We have a huge number of research problems to solve that lie on the intersection of Optimization, Machine Learning and Computational Economics. If you are an expert in one of these fields and want to expand your research profile this is an ideal place for you.

2. We work on game changing products and solutions, you can quickly see how your research ideas and algorithms influence revenue and user engagement.

3. We care about you continuing your fundamental research, publishing papers and keeping track ofthe latest technologies developed in your respective field.

Please send your CV and a short letter of interest to Maxim Sviridenko (moc.cni-oohay|irivs#moc.cni-oohay|irivs).

Deadline is September 30, 2016.The Department of Computer Science of Utrecht University has a call for applicants to a fellowship, called the Westerdijk fellowship for young female researchers in all areas of computer science.

The Westerdijk fellowship is a very prestigious position for young female researchers offered jointly by our faculty and the department. Beside the standard employment conditions (tenure track) the Westerdijk fellowship offers the following benefits:
- A (fully financed) PhD position;
- Technical and/or secretarial support;
- Additional budget of € 50,000 for personal development, facilities and travel.

The department is looking for an outstanding candidate with complementary yet connectable research interests to those of the current departmental research staff.

More details and the link to the Utrecht University application system can be found on:

Application deadline is September 12, 2016.
Tenure Track Assistant Professor Algorithms (0,8-1,0 fte)
Department of Information and Computer Science, Utrecht University

Job description
The Department of Information and Computer Science of Utrecht University, the Netherlands,
is looking for an Assistant Professor (Universitair Docent - UD) in the field of algorithms and complexity,
in particular parameterized algorithms. You have expertise and experience in scientific teaching and
research in algorithms. You will teach in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes of the department
in courses related to your expertise. You will be expected to develop an independent research line in
this specific field, in cooperation with the other members of the department.

The tasks include:
- Carry out scientific research in the field of algorithms and complexity, in particular in the area of parameterized algorithms;
- Supervising PhD students and acquiring research funding;
- Developing and teaching courses, especially within the Master’s programme Computing Science and
the Bachelor’s programme Computer Science;
- Supervising internships and theses;
- Organizational activities within the department and/or faculty.

* We are looking for candidates with a PhD, preferably in the above mentioned areas.
* Experience in performing (post)graduate teaching within a university setting is desired.
* The candidate shall have published on the aforementioned areas in national and international conferences and/or journals.
* Well-developed teaching skills and command of English in speaking and writing is a requirement.

Candidates who prefer part-time employment are also invited to apply by specifying the desired part-time ratio.
We aim to employ more women in areas where they are underrepresented.
Female candidates are therefore especially invited to apply.

Additional information about the vacancy can be obtained from: Prof Dr Hans Bodlaender; ln.uu|rednealdob.l.h#ln.uu|rednealdob.l.h, +31 (30) 253 4409.
As part of the selection procedure, the candidate is expected to give an outline of his/her research plans in a written report and an oral presentation.

To apply please attach a letter of motivation, curriculum vitae and (email) addresses of two referees.
To apply, please click the application button, reachable via this link:,55523865,0,0,0,845492,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0&PortalID=4124&preview=1&VacatureID=845492

Posted 15 April 2016
Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk
University, Brno CZ,,
announces an open call for special PhD positions starting from September 2016,
in the following particular area:

  • Topic: Structural Graph Theory and Algorithmic Metatheorems

Supervisor: Prof. Petr Hliněný

The perspective student shall work on width and depth parameters
(such as tree-width and tree-depth and other) of graphs and
other relational structures, and apply the theoretical results
in algorithmic metatheorems on restricted graph classes.
The focus shall be on investigation of sparse graph classes
and on complementary “dense” depth parameters such as the
new shrub-depth, and on metatheorems for problems formulated
in FO logic. Prior introductory knowledge of structural graph
theory, logic and parameterized complexity is welcome.
See also

General information
Perspective PhD students are expected to show their research background
and skills in the area of the selected PhD topic. They should also be
proficient in English; knowledge of Czech is NOT necessary.

See also this link for more information and other PhD topics:
The deadline for application is June 1, 2016.

The PhD position is funded with a stipend of net value 20000CZK per
month, which is approximately 750Eur and is on the level of an average
net salary in the Czech Republic. The stipend is granted to successful
applicant for the first 2 years, with an expected renewal (after an
evaluation) for another 2 years. The total length of study is 4 years.

Applicants are strongly advised to contact their perspective supervisor
for more specific details, well ahead of the deadline.
Petr Hlineny <zc.inum.if|ynenilh#zc.inum.if|ynenilh>
FI MU Brno, CZ

Posted 9 April 2016.

Assistant Professor in the
department of Computer Science at the UPR.
Contact: Professor Mariano Marcano
Department of Computer Science
UPR— Río Piedras
Tel. (787) 764-0000 (Ext. 88365)
Fax. (787) 773-1717 <>

Posted 6 April 2016
6-year position at Technische Universität Berlin
Faculty IV - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Department of Software Engineering and Theoretical Computer Science

offers an open position of a

Junior professor - salary grade W1 -
in the field of "Efficient Algorithms".

Reference number: IV-68/16
(starting at the earliest possible / to be filled as soon
as possible for a period of 3 years;
an extension of 3 more years is possible after successful evaluation /
closing date for applications 28/04/16)

Working field: The position includes teaching duties in the Bachelor and
Master programs "Computer Science", "Computer Engineering", and
"Information Systems Engineering and Management". In addition, an active
participation in Berlin's algorithmic research (in particular concerning
successful grant application, cooperations, committee work, regular
publications) is expected.

Requirements: Candidates must meet the requirements of the Berlin Higher
Education Act (§102a BerlHG)
(the information leaflet will be forwarded upon request), including a
completed academic education, qualified achievements in research,
usually proven by an outstanding doctoral thesis (PhD),
educational and didactic competences. We are seeking a scientist with
a PhD and expertise in the theoretical study of algorithms or a closely
related area. Applicants should have a strong scientific track record
witnessed by publications in peer-reviewed journals
and conferences related to algorithmic research.
Applicants should be experts in one of the following research areas or
in a related field:

  • algorithm engineering,
  • algorithms for massive data (in particular streaming algorithms),
  • algorithmic game theory,
  • approximation and online algorithms,
  • data structures,
  • graph algorithms,
  • parameterized algorithms,
  • randomized algorithms.

In addition, knowledge in one or more areas of applied computer science
is favourable, for example in

  • bioinformatics,
  • computational social choice,
  • data mining,
  • machine learning,
  • social network analysis.

Technische Universität Berlin strives to increase the proportion of
women in research and teaching and therefore
strongly encourages qualified female researchers to apply. Qualified
individuals with disabilities will be favored.
Technische Universität Berlin is a certified family-friendly higher
education institution, and our Dual Career Service offers assistance to
you and your family when relocating to Berlin.

Please send your written application with the reference number and the
usual documents (including a CV listing publications, teaching
experience etc., copies of academic degrees,
as well as copies of up to five selected publications)
until 28/04/2016 to

Technische Universität Berlin - Der Präsident -, Dekan der Fakultät IV,
Sekr. MAR 6-1, Marchstr. 23,
D-10587 Berlin, Germany
or by email to ed.nilreb-ut|nhah.acnaib#ed.nilreb-ut|nhah.acnaib

Please send copies only. Original documents will not be returned.
The vacancy is also available on the internet at

Postdoctoral position in Sydney, Australia

A research associate position is available at the University of New South Wales.

You will join the UNSW Algorithms group and conduct research with Serge Gaspers in the areas of exact algorithms, parameterized complexity, approximation algorithms, computational social choice, and/or algorithmic game theory. Pursuing your own research agenda and collaborating with other local groups (such as the Data61 Algorithmic Decision Theory group and the Sydney Algorithms and Computing Theory group at the University of Sydney) is possible and encouraged. Travel funding for 2-3 conference/workshop/research trips is available.

Duration: 1 year; extension possible subject to available funding
Start date: 1 July 2016 (negotiable)
Salary: AUD 87,735 per year plus 9.5% superannuation (Level A, step 6)

To apply, please send an email with subject "[Postdoc application] <first name> <last name>" to <ua.ude.wsnu.esc|gegres#ua.ude.wsnu.esc|gegres> and attach
— a short research statement,
— a detailed curriculum vitae,
— one or two reference letters (these can also be sent separately by the referee(s) to the same email address with the same subject), and
— contact details of one or two additional references.
The closing date for applying is 14 March 2016.


Applications are invited for a

Postdoctoral position in Algorithms and Parameterized complexity

hosted by Danny Hermelin at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev (BGU)
which is located in Be'er Sheva, Israel. The university is the fastest
growing university in Israel, located right in the middle of the fastest
developing city in Israel . BGU carries out internationally acclaimed
research and offers an innovative and vibrant scientific environment..

All positions are full-time and can be started as soon as possible for the
applicant. The salary is competitive and depends on the applicant's
qualification. The contract will be limited to one or two years with the
possibility of extension.

Applicants should have a theoretical/mathematical background and an
interest in at least one of the following topics:
— parameterized complexity and algorithms;
— approximation algorithms;
— graph algorithms and theory;
— scheduling and related areas;
— mathematical optimization;

All applicants should have an excellent first academic degree in
mathematics, computer science or a related discipline. Applications should
include a detailed CV, a copy of a PhD thesis, a brief statement of
research interests, and a list of publications. Please also mention names
and contact details of two or three references — preferably one from the
thesis advisor.

For further information, please contact Danny personally via email:||nilemreh or at moc.liamg|nilemreh.ynnad#moc.liamg|nilemreh.ynnad.

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