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Deadline September 13, 2018. A 2-year postdoctoral position in kernelization and preprocessing in the research group of Prof. Stefan Kratsch at the Department of Computer Science at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. The intended starting date is November 2018, a later start may be negotiated. The position is funded until September 30, 2020. Contact: Prof. Stefan Kratsch. Email: kratsch <at>

Deadline September 1st, 2018 for a fully funded PhD position on the topic of Speeding up Algorithms with Machine Learning (ML) Methods at TU Wien, Vienna, Austria. Join Prof. Stefan Szeider’s research group ( to develop and implement new methods for leveraging Machine Learning algorithms for improving the efficiency of algorithms for hard combinatorial problems. Possible research topics include: (i) ML-based algorithm selection and algorithm tuning, (ii) ML-based heuristics, and (iii) ML-based problem encodings to SAT/SMT/QBF/ILP solvers. Applicants are expected to have solid programming skills as well as interest in theoretical computer science. Background in ML and/or discrete algorithms and/or SAT-solving is of advantage.

The successful candidate will be part of the Doctoral Program on Logical Methods in Computer Science ( and will have all the benefits from this program (including special courses and seminars, guest lectures, soft skill and career training courses, an international cohort of fellow students).

Informal inquiries to Prof. Szeider <||zs> are welcome. Sending applications earlier, with cc to Prof. Szeider, is encouraged.

Deadline 06 August 2018 for University of Sheffield (UK) 3 year PhD studentship on the development of Parameterized Algorithms for Artificial Intelligence and Logic problems such as satisfiability of propositional formulas, constraint satisfaction, integer linear programming, as well as problems from graph theory and machine learning with the help of sophisticated algorithmic such as meta-theorems, dynamic programming, decompositions, and backdoor sets.

Funding Notes: This fully funded studentship is open to UK or EU students, and provides a tax-free living allowance at the standard Research Council rate (£14,777 p.a. for 2018/19) and full student tuition fees for 3 years.

Application: Send CV, an abstract of the thesis, a short motivation letter, and two letters of recommendation (all five items in a single pdf file; alternatively, letters of recommendation
may be sent directly by their authors). Mention
possible starting dates. Send to the project supervisor Dr. Sebastian Ordyniak moc.liamg|kainydros#moc.liamg|kainydros. Sebastian is available for informal questions.

Deadline: not fixed, but soon. Postdoctoral positions at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, supervised by Meirav Zehavi ( The candidate will join the project ``New Horizons in Kernelization’’, funded by the Israel Science Foundation (ISF).

The starting date is flexible but not earlier than October 1, 2018. The position is for one year with the possibility of renewal. While there is no fixed deadline for applying, review of candidates will begin shortly and continue until the positions are filled. Applicants with solid background in areas such as algorithm design (including but not limited to parameterized algorithms and approximation algorithms), computational complexity, discrete mathematics, graph theory or computational geometry are welcome to apply. The candidates are expected to have a competitive publication record.

Applications should be sent to moc.liamg|variemivahez#moc.liamg|variemivahez. Include: Cover Letter (motivation and background, 1-2 pages), short research statement, CV + list of publications, and full contact details of 2-3 referees.

Deadline: Apply as soon as possible. The research group AlGCo (Algorithms Graphs and Combinatorics) in Montpellier has a PhD position available for the (flexible) Period 01/10/2018–30/09/2021 for research on graph algorithms and graph mining problems. Keywords of the related research domains are: structural graph theory, graph algorithms, parameterized algorithms, approximation algorithms, community detection, clustering, graph similarity, graph modification problems.

AlGCo is one of the leading research teams in France in Parameterized Computation and has an increasing interest to graph algorithms, kernelization, graph coloring, and structural graph theory.

The candidate should hold a MSc degree and should have a solid background in algorithms, complexity, and graph theory and strong motivation to work on related areas, including parameterized computation and approximation algorithms. Moreover, English language skills and knowledge/experience on programming in Python, C, and C++, will be appreciated.

Send application in English to rf.mmril|luap#rf.mmril|luap <> or ofni.sokiliht|klihtdes#ofni.sokiliht|klihtdes <> Include: Cover Letter, detailing your motivation and background for applying for the PhD project, CV, Proof of diplomas and transcripts of records (BSc and MSc, Other information for consideration, e.g. list of publications (if any), Full contact details (Name, address, telephone & email) of 1-3 referees.

Deadline: 27 June 2018. Three-year postdoc position in Algorithms. Department of Computer Science, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Contact Prof. Stefan Kratsch Prof. Stefan Kratsch
kratsch <at>

Deadline: apply as soon as possible (only applications submitted before 14th of May are guaranteed to receive full consideration): A PhD position in Fine-grained (Parameterized) Complexity of Hard Problems, supervised by Jesper Nederlof (
Our main goal is to improve the understanding of the exact complexity of basic (NP-)hard problems such as the Travelling Salesman, Set Cover or Subset Sum problem. In particular, the project aims to study for which classes of instances various elementary algorithms can be improved. A particular emphasis of the project herein is to rigorously investigate the power of standard decomposition methods such as Branching, Dynamic Programming, and Meet-in-the-Middle via parameters of appropriate matrices.

The project will be partially funded by NWO. While the project will mainly touch the fields of Parameterized Complexity and Fine-Grained Complexity, the project is also likely to touch other subfields of Theoretical Computer Science including Communication Complexity and Approximation Algorithms; but the direction may vary depending on the candidate's preferences. Send your CV to ln.eut|folreden.j#ln.eut|folreden.j if you're interested.

Deadline: not fixed, as soon as possible. A PhD position is available in the research group of Dr. Matthias Mnich, Bonn University, Germany. (
The position is full-time. The successful candidate will perform research as part of the DFG funded project "Multivariate Algorithms in Scheduling". Candidates must hold (or be close to completion) of a master's degree (or equivalent) in computer science, mathematics or a related area. They should have a very good knowledge about algorithms and complexity.

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