Books and Survey Articles

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1. R.G. Downey, M. R. Fellows: Parameterized Complexity Springer-Verlag, 1999.
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5. M. R. Fellows and F. A. Rosamond. Parameterized Complexity Extremal Theory. Cambridge University Press. In progress.
6. H. Fernau. Parameterized Algorithmics: A Graph-Theoretic Approach. Habilitationsschrift, Wilhelm-Schickard Institut f ur Informatik, Universitat Tubingen, 2005. Book in progress.
7. Cognition and Intractability: A Guide to Classical and Parameterized Complexity Analysis by Iris van Rooij (Radboud Univ Nijmegen), Johan Kwisthout (Radboud Univ Nijmegen), Todd Wareham (Memorial Univ of Newfoundland), and Mark Blokpoel (Radboud Univ Nijmegen), Cambridge University Press, 2019. ISSN 9781107358331.
8. Business and Consumer Analytics: New Ideas by Editors Pablo Moscato and Natalie Jane de Vries. Contains chapters about parameterized complexity. Springer, 2019. (2 volumes) SBN-13: 978-3030062217 ISBN-10: 303006221X

Newsletter FPT News: The Newsletter of Parameterized Complexity. Editor: Frances Rosamond (Contact Frances.Rosamond at on.biu|dnomasor.secnarf#on.biu|dnomasor.secnarf).


Special Issues:
The Computer Journal Vol 1 and Vol 3, 2008. Special Eds. Michael Fellows, Rod Downey and Michael Langston. This two-volume special issue has over 17 survey papers on various areas of Parameterized Complexity, book reviews, and a visionary preface by Mike Fellows.

ACM SIGACT News, 38(1):31–45, 2007. Invitation to data reduction and problem kernelization. Jiong Guo and Rolf Niedermeier.

Theoretical Computer Science, 351 (3), p. 295, Feb 2006. R. Downey, M. Langston and R. Niedermeier guest editors.

Bulletin of the ESA. Vol 86, June 2005. Column on Algorithmics. M. Serna, D. Thilikos: Parameterized Complexity for Graph Layout Problems.

Journal of Computer and System Sciences. Volume 67, Issue 4. Dec. 2003. Special issue on Parameterized Computation and Complexity. J. Chen and M. Fellows guest editors.


"Algorithm Design" (Addison-Wesley, 2005), written by Cornell Professors Jon Kleinberg and Eva Tardos, introduces students to algorithms by looking at the real-world problems. In a clear style, the book shows how to analyze and define problems and to recognize design principles that are appropriate for a given situation, and includes use of Parameterized Complexity and parameterized approximation. They give a constant factor approximation for treewidth running in
$c^{t}n^{O(1)}$ time.

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