Algorithm Engineering

Here is a list of algorithm engineering papers for the Workflow Satisfiability Problem (see also Access Control).

  • D. Cohen, J. Crampton, A. Gagarin, G. Gutin and M. Jones, Algorithms for the workflow satisfiability problem engineered for counting constraints. J. Combin. Optim. 32 (2016), 3—24.
  • Jason Crampton, Gregory Gutin, Daniel Karapetyan, Valued Workflow Satisfiability Problem, ACM SACMAT 2015, 3—13. (best paper award)
  • Daniel Karapetyan, Andrei Gagarin, Gregory Gutin, Pattern Backtracking Algorithm for the Workflow Satisfiability Problem, FAW 2015 , Lect. Notes Comput. Sci. 9130 (2015), 138—149.
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